Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Shame

The following incident occurred after I had left Dr G's Ba Gua class. I do not believe that event has been chronicled in the blog as of yet.

A year or so after I had left the class, I received a phone call. Dr G was going to be in town and there was going to be a get together at one of the men's house. The call was to ask me if I would like to attend.

I found this very shocking because after I left the Ba Gua class, I had not had any contact with any of the people there. I had received a phone call from Steve with more tales of Mike's sexual relationships with the women in the women's group. I had not seen anyone from the group at all during that year.

I agreed to go. I was nervous and interested. Nervous because I left under less than happy circumstances. No one had talked to me for a year, and now here I was receiving an invitation to go to a meeting as if I still was a part of the group or something. Interested because I wondered what had happened to the group. Did it fall apart? Did it keep going? How was everyone?

The meeting was very far away from me. An hour and a half or two hours. That was quite a drive because I had an old junk car. The meeting was going to be in the evening, I suppose after everyone had finished with work.

The meeting was at a house that I found out was being rented by George and I think Steve. It was surprising to me that they were roommates because I did not think that they were that close. The house was old and huge. I really liked it from the moment I saw it. It was a farm kind of house so it had lots of land around it and a folksy kind of feel to it.

I pulled up and I think Steve came out to meet me. Jeff was there as was Lonnie. I asked where George was and Steve said he was in Europe on a business trip. I mentioned how I thought that sounded important and asked if George had been moving up in the world. I don't recall the answer. If it was just a regular kind of trip that George made for his job or if it was something new and special.

I was given a tour of the outside of the house. I think that George's son showed up around this time and accompanied us on the tour. He had just returned from school.

All this time I was feeling some trepidation because Dr G was already at the house. His car was in the parking lot when I arrived and the other men had mentioned that he was inside. We finished the tour of the house, which really was a fantastic house, and went inside.

What happened inside the house literally blew my mind.

We all walked into the house through the kitchen and into the living room. Dr G was sitting in a semi reclining type chair with his right leg extended out in front of him. He had taken his show off and his foot was bare.

Sitting at his feet and massaging his foot was George's wife.

I was so shocked I literally jerked in place. Not the kind of shock where you think you disapprove of something and you act shocked. This was the kind of shock like you were in a department store and you turned around and there was someone naked there. There is no way a naked person should be in a department store.

I could not believe my eyes. George was in Europe, and Dr G was in George's house, in George's living room, sitting in George's chair, and George's wife was massaging Dr G's bare foot. I am sitting here stunned just thinking about it again.

It was much worse than you think though, if you do not understand what was going on. George's wife was not just massaging Dr G's foot. George's wife was massaging Dr G's penis.

I DO NOT mean she was literally massaging his penis. Her hands were only on Dr G's foot. What I mean is that because of the way the human body is constructed, when a man is sexually excited, one of his legs will extend forward. That leg has a sexual kind of sensitivity. It is almost like the extended leg is playing the part of an erect penis. Instead of the penis becoming erect and sticking out, the leg will become erect and stick out.

So massaging a man's leg when it is sticking straight out like that, produces sensations similar to the one's the man would feel if his penis was actually being stimulated. Massaging a man's sexually excited extended leg sexually stimulates the man.

George's wife was sitting right there in the living room, sexually stimulating Dr G by massaging his bare right foot at the end of his extended right leg, and neither one of them acted like they had a care in the world. They acted like it was the most normal thing in the world for another man's wife to be massaging Dr G's bare foot in front of all of us.

There was no way any of them could have missed my reaction. I literally froze up and stumbled when I saw the two of them. I had this feeling like I should turn and leave because I had walked in on a couple who were engaged in sex. My eyes closed briefly because I felt like I was intruding on a sex scene.

The idea that Dr G could allow that to happen, or that George's wife could be doing that, when apparently everyone knew that Dr G had adulterated with the wives of other men in the group, as well as having sex with unattached women in the women's group was something my brain refused to accept.

Dr G spent years talking to the group about dignity, loyalty and family. Talking about being an upright kung fu man, being proud, and making Ba Gua look good.

How could this man say all of those things, then adulterate with a man's wife, have sex with unattached women in the women's group, and then sit there in another man's living room with that man's wife sexually stimulating his bare foot?

Didn't he have any shame?

What was even worse was that not one of the other men reacted. Not Lonnie. Not Jeff. Not Steve. Not even little George, who I would have thought would have acted out or said something at the sight of his mother servicing some man other than his father. They all acted like George's wife sexually stimulating Mike's bare foot right there in front of us was not even happening.

We all walked by and back into another room where we were going to have the meeting. Mike was going to join us as soon as George's wife was finished sexually stimulating his foot.