Saturday, December 02, 2006


Been awhile hasn't it? I am in the midst of writing a few books. The books are informational in nature. My priority has been getting worthwhile information out to people. This blog about relationships and history is more of an entertainment kind of thing for me right now.

Around now there was me, jeff, lonnie, james, peter, steve. I don't beleive I have mentioned Daniel yet. I hope my time away from the blog does not have me repeating things. ;)

One day Mike came by and told us there was someone interested in joining. It was the husband of one of the women. This was kind of odd and troublesome, but not so much.

When I had first started the class, a big deal was made about how chris had a relationship with one of the women students. After the relationship was over, the class was awkward for everyone because of the feelings of the two of them. I have talked about how Mike had separated the men's and women's group using that as a reason.

The general feeling was that it was not a good idea for people who were involved to both be in the group. The personal relationships could be brought to the group and cause trouble.

Of course this had been thrown out the door when Steve joined. ;) Steve joined because he wife was a member of the women's group. So there was a precedent for Daniel to join as the husband of one of the members of the women's group.

Daniel's wife was a little doll. Literally. She was short. I am probably remembering this badly but I want to say she was in the low 5 feet short. She had blonde hair that haloed out around her head. Her eyes had a look in them that was hard to describe, but added to her doll like nature.

Daniel was a largish man. He was probably over 6 feet and he was heavy. Not fat heavy, though he was overweight. More of a big person kind of heavy. His large body contrasted with his face because Daniel had a kids face. I think Daniel was in his late 20's. I am not sure.

Daniel's personality matched his face. He was a youngish or childish acting kind of person. I don't mean in the sense that he was simple. I mean in the sense that he was open and honest. He did not seem deceptive or cyncial in the way most adults look. Even the best of adults always seem to have some kind of hardness inside of them. Daniel did not have this.

Daniel and Mike hit it off right away. Daniel was a salesman of some kind so he had the gladhanding always talking, happy to meet you kind of personality. He would go to Mike and mike would respond in a similar way. This sounds trivial. It was so out of character for Mike to act the way that Daniel did that it was actually quite astounding to see the two of them together.

I had some unhappy feelings about this. At that time I was still strongly attached to the idea that it was necessary to have practiced kung fu in order to be respected. Daniel had never had any kung fu training at all. This was another thing for me to be unhappy about because as I said before, Mike had made some comments to me about how I was not ready or prepared for the class. If I was not ready or prepared, and I had been practicing kung fu off and on for 10 years, how could Mike justify taking Daniel on as a student? A man who had never practiced kung fu before in his life?

As you might imagine, Daniel was not so good at the class. He had a tendency to stand high up like Steve or George. Daniel was big in the same way George was big. Big bodied. It was difficult for both of them to get low. Steve had trouble getting low because of the condition of his body and his age.

It was hard not to like Daniel because he was a likable guy. That is why his work was as a salesman. He had that kind of personality. He hit it off with everyone in the class. I think it is obvious by the way I am talking that Daniel was accepted as a member of the group. I cannot recall anything special about his interview. Or if there was an interview. He may have been allowed to join the group because of his wife.