Wednesday, June 06, 2007

This blog is a stream of conscious for a book

I happened across some comments on the blog on the internet by accident. The comments made me consider the chaotic nature of the posts in the blog, and how that might affect readers.

This blog was originally started as a dumping ground for my memories of my time in class. At some point in time when I felt that most of what I wanted to write down had been recorded, I then planned to go through everything and organize it into a book.

I felt it was necessary to state this for any person who simply stumbles across the blog and begins reading it.

This blog is not meant as a completely accurate linear recreation of my time in class. The entries jump back and forth across a 3 year time period. The entries are usually not connected to each other. I think about some incident and record it.

If you are looking for entertainment or insight into Ba Gua, this is perhaps not the best place to find it. This blog represents random thoughts that pop into my head for whatever reason at whatever time. That can be very frustrating for a person looking for order and organization.