Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another game to get rid of people

As has been related in previous entries in this blog, Dr G engaged in various subterfuges in an attempt to make people leave the group. Because of the way Dr G portrayed himself, the group, and his aspirations, it was impossible for Dr G to ask someone to leave the group, or to tell someone to leave the group.

Dr G was always stressing family, loyalty, and dignity. How could you invite someone to join your group, then ask them to leave or tell them to leave, and expect the remaining group members to still believe that you are loyal and think of them as family?

So Dr G had to use his psychological and kung fu skills to try to trick or manipulate people into leaving the group.

Dr G was a psychiatrist with a psychiatric practice. That was his "real" job. As opposed to teaching kung fu being a lucrative hobby or side job.

Dr G had asked all of the members of the group to go see him at his practice. The purpose was to have one on one time with Dr G, as opposed to seeing him in the role of a psychiatric patient. The time was to be spent talking about Ba Gua or any other related kind of topic that would lead to an improvement in the students practice of Ba Gua.

Dr G charged a sliding scale for the visits to his one on one visits. Dr G had chosen a yuppie area for his operations so the students all had money. Dr G would charge poor people like me $70 or $75 dollars, while the rich yuppies might pay $125 or more per visit, depending on how rich they were.

Dr G would always say "If this is truly valuable to you, then the money is nothing." I always felt that if money was nothing, then why was he charging?

Dr G would respond to that question by saying that the money you paid was a measure of your dedication. If you were dedicated and truly had desire, you wouldn't care about the money in pursuit of bettering yourself.

Of course the money mattered everytime Dr G deposited it in the bank, but according to him, that was not the same thing.

Which brings us to this particular plot to try to get people to quit the Ba Gua group.

The appointments with Dr G were an hour long. One day Dr G comes to class and says he thinks that people are taking advantage of him. They are going to the one on one visits for an hour, but nothing is happening. Dr G says time is being wasted.

Dr G then states he is going to change the one on one visit time period from 1 hour to 45 minutes. The stated goal is to make people focus and work, because they now have a limited time with Dr G.

This is really funny if you think about it. Dr G is a businessmen selling a product. Dr G tells his customers that they do not measure up. Because the customers do not measure up, he is going to sell them less product for the same amount of money.

And the customers go along with it!!!!!!!!!!

What Dr G was doing was looking for sheep. If you were a sheep, you would pay any amount of money for time with Dr G. If you were a human being who could think for themselves, you would see that Dr G. was cheating you and you would do something about it. Hopefully leave from Dr G's point of view.

Another thing left unsaid was that if Dr G has an 8 hour day with 8 1 hour appointments, by reducing the appointment time to 45 minutes, he can see 2 more patients per day, at maybe $125 per 45 minute session.

Dr G really loves the money.

I cannot tell you if the plot worked or not. The men's group was so small that it would have been immediately obvious if someone left because the private session time was changed. No one left the men's group in that time period. Not for that reason anyways.

There could have been women who left the group over the change in private session time. As previously stated, the men were kept separate from the women, so I never had any idea how many there were or who they were.

By that time in the group's history, I think probably all the customers went right ahead and paid Dr G the businessman the same money for less product.

Sounds almost like he was selling drugs doesn't it? What other kind of people would willingly pay the same money for less product?

He was selling drugs. He was selling energy.


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