Friday, May 25, 2007

Crazy Liars. Why?

At some point in class, Mike taught a spear form. The spear was really long, 10 feet or something like that. It was made of bamboo so it was springy and flexible. I enjoyed learning the form because it had a martial feel to it. We all bought spears so we could practice with them. They were relatively inexpensive since they were just bamboo with a cheap, dull metal spear head on them.

I would go down to the park to practice. I lived near a beautiful large park. It was so large that it was easy to find a secluded spot to practice. The park was covered with paths and access roads also. The paths and access roads were nice because they were flat. Sometimes I would practice in on the grass somewhere, and sometimes I would practice on a path or a road.

Depending on the time of day, the park would be almost deserted. Early in the moring, or at lunch time, or after work, there would be more traffic as people went to the part to exercise. At most other times though, it was deserted. I loved it because I could practice as much as I wanted in complete solitude, surrounded by the beautiful forest.

One day I decided I would practice in one of the access roads. What I would usually do is go to a grass spot I liked. There was an access road right next to it. If it was a quiet day, I would use the access road, then maybe move back over to the grass if people were coming. That day was quiet so I was in the access road.

The form was quite involved. It might take 15 minutes to complete. It was necessary to travel back and forth, spin around, shake the pole and generally take up a fairly large amount of space. Especially as the swinging 10 foot pole covered a lot of area.

I am doing part of the form moving forward when I hear a woman's voice. Some woman is walking her dog and she has approached along the access road behind me.

The woman is shouting at me to get out of the way. She sounds rude or angry or maybe even hysterical. Her attitude was obnoxious.

There was no reason for me to move. The access road was probably 20 feet wide. On either side of the road were the grassy areas I described earlier. One one side the grassy area was proably 50 feet wide. On the other side, the grassy area might have been 100 feet from the access road to the trees. If the woman had some problem or the other, all she had to do was walk around me.

The woman continued to yell at me telling me to stop what I was doing and get out of the way. Her demands were so outrageous I of course ignored them. Besides, I was in the middle of doing the form. Once you start a form, you are not supposed to stop for anything. I thought it was good practice to continue doing the spear form with a screaming crazy woman behind me.

When it became obvious I was not going to stop, the lady went ahead and walked by me, yelling the entire time. Our city has a lot of homeless people that are always walking around yelling. This lady was not homeless, but she was acting like a yelling homeless crazy, so it was easy for me to ignore her.

I might even have told her to shut up and go away. She was that obnoxious. It was mind boggling from my perspective to be surrounded by 150 feet of grassy area that gave the woman large amounts of room to avoid me, but instead she came right at me, and demanded that I give way to her. The woman was obviously having some kind of bad time and she was looking for a fight.

The woman walks by as I continue to practice the spear form. She disappeared down the access road and I worked on returning to a calm state of mind so I was practicing the way I should be.

I do another 3 or 4 sets of the form. I did some certain number of repetitions I do not remember. Maybe 10 since that sounds like a round number. I am in the middle of doing the next set when a police car appears on the access road from the direction the lady disappeared.

That was weird. I went to that park every day to practice for months and years. I never saw a police car down there before.

I didn't think any more of it and kept practicing. As I said, the access road and surrounding area were large. I moved over to the side of the access road a little as I was perform the set so the police car could drive by.

The police car gets up close to me and he stops. I am expecting trouble of course. I have never seen a police car there in all the years I have been there and there is a police car. I thought he was probably going to give me trouble for practicing with the spear.

I was all ready for him. Where I live there is a large community of people who practice martial arts. You can find people all over the park and all over the city practicing empty handed, with spears, with staffs, with swords or anything else you can think of. I was fully prepared to tell the police man all of this if he was going to harass me.

Instead, the police officer says "We had a report there were homeless people fighting down here. Have you seen anything?".

That made no sense to me at all. I had been there for an hour or so and I did not hear a thing. I had not seen anybody besides maybe a jogger, a bicyclist and that screaming lady. I said no I had not seen any homeless people fighting.

Then I look up and what do I see? Another police car coming down from the same direction as the other one. Then it hit me.

That crazy lady went home and called the police on me because I would not do what she told me to!!!!

The police had made up the excuse about homeless people because they knew that it was completely normal for a person to be practicing martial arts in the park. I was calm and collected. I did not run away or look guilty. I was just a regular person.

I am guessing that the crazy lady called the police and told them a dangerous man swinging a weapon around had bothered her in the park. Why else would two police cars come?

The policeman drove away, then his buddy drove by also in the other car. They disappeared down the access road without stopping anywhere else or asking anyone else any questions about homeless people fighting.

I was looking forward to the next Ba Gua class. I wanted to tell the guys how I was out practicing like a respectable kung fu man, and some crazy lady had called the police on me. I went to the next class and did exactly that. I described everything I did above to the guys at Ba Gua class.

I expected them to be as outraged as I was at some crazy lady causing a respectable kung fu man trouble. I expected them to commiserate with me about how wrong it was for me to have to deal with a policeman when I was a good upstanding kung fu man.

That was not what they did at all. They began to question my conclusions!

"How do you know the lady called the police?" they asked me. Of course I did not "Know". I would have had to follow her home and watch the phone call.

"The police probably were really looking for homeless people fighting". I was there for an hour. I never heard a sound or saw any homeless people at all.

"You are probabaly wrong in accusing that lady of calling the police". WHAT! Here I am thinking these men are my friends, my fellow kung fu students, and they are questioning everything I saw and every conclusion I reached.

What the heck was wrong with them? Are they crazy?

I was mad. I could not believe they reacted like that. When I realized they were not going to side with me, they were going to continue to cast doubts on every word I said, I stopped talking and gave up.

What was the point in talking to crazies? People who thought they had a better idea of what happened, even though they were not there?

It took me years to figure out what was going on. They were manipulating me. I was angry or upset or something about the incident. They asked me all those questions so that I would doubt myself. If I doubted myself, I would no longer be upset.

To them, it did not matter what the event was or if I was right or wrong. Their only concern was to say anything to me, no matter how crazy or how much of a lie it was, so that I would calm down and lose the emotion associated with the event.

You readers need to be aware of this technique. That was not just some random conversation they had with me. They used a technique to control and manipulate me.

This same technique is used by guilty people to escape responsibility. You might catch a murderer with the knife in his hand. Using this technique, he will say to yo "Did you SEE me stab the person". You of course say no because you did not see the actual stabbing. You walked up afterwards.

Using the technique, the guilty person will continue pounding away, "Did you SEE me stab the person". They create doubt in the target, who will eventually give up on the accusation.

It sounds crazy. The person is standing there with a bloody knife in their hand. But someone like that really can, through force of will and insisting on lies, convince some people that he did not commit the murder.

Or you can use the technique to convince someone that some event that has them emotionally charged never really happened, or happened in some other way that is not worth getting emotionally charged up.

After that incident, I think I took 5 steps back from everyone. Here I am thinking they are my friends who will agree with me that I was wronged. Instead, they are crazy liars telling me lies and trying to get me to doubt the own processes of my brain, just so they can practice some mind control manipulation technique on me.

Sometimes I really think those guys were scum. ;)


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