Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mike taught Daniel something he didn't teach me! Son of Bitch!

We are at the practice park out by Mike's house. The practice for the day has ended and everyone is walking away. Something had happened where I was not happy. Daniel had stopped to talk to me and try to deal with my unhappiness.

Mike, George and the others had walked away so that they were at least 30 or more feet away. Far enough away to give Daniel and I a feeling of privacy.

I think I was describing what had happened or what was bothering me and Daniel was saying some kind of calming things. Then it happened. Daniel opened my heart.

Mike was always talking about opening up people's hearts. When I first started and heard this kind of talk, I thought about it in an intellectual way. As if a person had to think good thoughts, or perhaps do good deeds.

I was completely wrong.

What Mike meant was that the heart could be physically opened. This could be done by the individual, or IT COULD BE IMPOSED ON THE INDIVIDUAL FROM THE OUTSIDE.

Mike had done this to me numerous times. When it happened, I don't think I really intellectually connected what was happening to me with an outside agency making something happen to me. I felt I was responding to words or the emotions of the moment.

Opening someone's heart makes their heart physically change. The person whose heart is opened will feel very specific physical sensations. These sensations will be accompanied by a burst of euphoria that is a result of opening the heart and releasing energy.

This is not a technique that you buy at the store. It is something special that some people learn to do on their own, but many others learn from someone.

Mike had taught Daniel how to open people's hearts. But Mike had not even really talked to me about how people's hearts were opened, much less taught me how.

When one person opens another persons heart, or does any other kind of energy manipulation, people who know about energy in the surrounding vicinity can feel it. Mike felt Daniel opening my heart.

I could see everything happening in slow motion. My brain had the thought "Mike showed Daniel how to open people's hearts! That son of a bitch never showed me!" At that exact instance, Mike began to turn around. It was like he was turning in slow motion like in a movie.

I am thinking to myself in outrage "I can't believe it! He taught Daniel how to open people's hearts but he hasn't taught me! How could he! How could he betray my trust like that!". Then Mike completes his slow motion turn. George and the others are all turning at the same time as if they are connected to Mike.

Then Mike shouts "Daniel" in a sharp voice and breaks the spell. Mike knew what I was thinking. Mike knew he had taught Daniel something he did not teach to me. Mike knew that I had caught on and understood exactly what had happened.

Mike never expected Daniel to use the ability on me. Daniel himself probably never really thought about it. He did it to see if he really could. And he really could.

After Mike shouted, Daniel abruptly turned and walked away. You cannot imagine he sense of lonliness and isolation I felt. Not only was I betrayed by Mike, he taught the new student something he had not taught me, when I caught on to what he did, he did not even try to make an excuse. He gathered up the other men and they all walked away as a group, leaving me behind with the knowledge that they were without a doubt excluding me from some of the activities of the groups and some of the techniques of Ba Gua.

Mike you dishonest, lying, manipulator. How can you look people in the face and talk about pride, dignity and honor, and then turn around and behave like that?

You say one thing and you do another. That is not the behavior you taught us was respectable from a kung fu man. I think Gong Bao Zhai would be ashamed.

Unless of course that is where you learned the dishonesty from.


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