Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The first inkling of tragedy for Daniel

The first inkling I had of the tragedy in store for Daniel came in the 3rd year I was with Mike. It was time for the yearly banquet where the group and it's family members got together for a dinner. People were allowed to invite friends to get a taste of what the Ba Gua group was like.

I will have plenty to say about this dinner later on. ;)

The dinner was held at a church in the town where Mike lived. It was a smallish small town church. Nothing grand or fancy. It was like the rest of the town, surrounded by trees and greenery.

This was set to be a tramatic event for me. I felt confident enough to attend the dinner and to bring my wife. I had avoided the earlier dinners. I had also kept my involvement in Ba Gua mostly separate from my private life. My wife was just not a person interested at all in kung fu or anything like it.

I arrived early to help with sitting up the church. My wife was scheduled to arrive later with Lonnie's wife.

People began arriving and the party began. People being introduced and meeting each other. Mingling and gathering to form groups. At some point Lonnie's wife and my wife arrived. My wife and I got together and began to move around talking to people.

Then the fateful moment arrived. It is so intriguing how these events take place. It felt like there was a wide empty space around my wife and I. It also felt like one of those moments where everything is quiet and you are in your own little piece of the world.

Daniel's wife was approaching us.

Daniel's wife was a doll. She was smallish with curly brown or blondish hair. She had a moon like face and was small limbed. She really looked like a doll. What was most striking to me was her eyes. She had beautiful green eyes. I had never really met her or spoken to her before because of the separation of the men's and women's group.

We exchanged some small talk and I noticed the oddest thing. The pupils of Daniel's wife's eyes were huge. They looked like those large pupils that are painted on dolls. I want to say they looked twice normal size. They seemed to fill her eyes from top to bottom.

I think there was some talk, from my direction, about Carol joining the group. I felt immediate resistance on the part of both women. I didn't know why. Then we said our goodbyes and parted.

When this dinner took place, Mike had publically been making plans to leave the city and move somewhere else. He was closing down the group and the lessons and going elsewhere.

As Daniel's wife walked away, my wife said "She is never going to make it". I asked here what she meant, but she would not tell me. Little did I know that my wife had many of the same abilities as Mike did. ;)

That was my first inking that Daniel was headed for trouble. What exactly did my wife mean when she said Daniel's wife "would never make it", if Mike closed down the group and left town?


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