Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Daniel's tragedy

As stated in the previous post, at the end, Mike decided he was going to leave town and move to another state. The group would end and that was that. It was a hard situation. Mike had talked for years about unity, family, etc. Now here he was saying he was leaving and see you later everyone.

Everyone was asked what their intentions were. It was talked about that people could leave town with Mike and go to the new location to start a new group there. I was very bitter about this because I felt Mike had finally found a way to get rid of me. ;) I was going to college at the time and there was no way I could quit and follow a guy to a new state just to learn kung fu.

I recall the meeting where everyone was asked there intentions. One by one everyone said no, they had obligations that meant the were staying. When it was my turn, I am embarrassed to say my bitterness was obvious as I practically spit out my answer that I would have to stay also and be left behind. That is how I viewed the situation.

Then it came to be Daniel's turn. Daniel announced that he and his wife were both going to leave with Mike and go form the new group. That was an astounding announcement to me. Daniel had a well paying job, his wife had an apparently even better paying job. The idea they would both give up that money and lifestyle to move somewhere and start again, just to learn kung fu from some guy was mind boggling.

The end came and Mike left. Daniel and his wife went with him. We continued with the Ba Gua classes on our own, with Jeff or Lonnie as the leader for the men's group.

One day I get a call from Steve. This was unusual because I did not have much contact with people from the group on an individual basis. I was not friends with anyone like I would call them to go over for a beer.

We begin to talk, then Steve blurts out to me that he heard that Mike has been sleeping with Daniel's wife. I was stunned! After Mike made such a big deal about separating the men's and women's group, he was sleeping with one of the women? And after talking about loyalty and dignity and family, he was screwing one of the students wives?

I could not imagine what it must have been like for Daniel. He quits his job to follow his wife, who is following the man that is screwing her. Daniel is looking up to this man as a master or teacher or something. This man is playing Daniel for a fool while he diddles Daniel's wife.

After the conversation was over, I was thinking how shocking it all was when I remembered what my wife had said.

"She will never make it"

What my wife meant was that she could tell that Mike had been working over Daniel's wife. Not only was he screwing her, he was mind controlling her. That is why her pupils were so dilated. That is a sign of getting zapped by energy. When you are zapped by high level energy, you will do just about anything for the person who is zapping you.

Including throwing your legs up into the air.


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